New York, NY


Blue Marlin

The program consisted of a flexible space to be added to Blue Marlin's current offices.  The program was always thought of as something completely fluid: impromptu meeting 'rooms', extra desks for freelancers, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, etc.


A few discrete elements that would create a cohesive whole were devised: Four 'chandeliers', a storage wall and work desks. The logic of the space is defined by industrial felt panels that hang from rails, thus allowing for the reconfiguration of the space into multiple smaller spaces, creating the possibility of having semi-private meeting and presentation rooms

The studio designed a 'family' of chandeliers made out of laser cut vinyl and bent electrical conduit, as well as the desks and the storage wall made out of standard cardboard tubes.

Thanks to:
Carrie McKnelly
Brandt Graves
Takuma Kakehi
Photos: Alan Tansey

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US