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We were commissioned by Innisfree to produce an installation for their flagship store in Myeongdong Seoul. Innisfree is one of the first all-natural Korean cosmetics brand with products ranging from makeup to skin care products.  Many of the natural ingredients come from Jeju Island. One of the main inspirations for the new global store design is the greenhouse. Because the main function of the store is retail and product display which takes up the plan, we designed an installation that would feel like a hanging garden, strengthening the idea of the greenhouse. We also wanted it to be something felt integrated into the store rather than an artist intervention. The installation is made of all natural materials to foreground the importance of the use of organic ingredients in their products. The main structure is made of white oak wood veneer to match the fixtures in the store. The veneer lattice like structure allows the even light from the greenhouse roof to filter into the store. When the surface becomes vertical we clad the structure with petal like elements that give the installation a plant like feel. These petals are made of tangerine paper that is recycled from the packaging used for Innisfree products.

We were also asked to design the façade façade of the store so that it extended some qualities of the installation to the exterior of the store. We populated the exterior with folded aluminum “petal” that mimic those in the store. These were made out of powder coated aluminum and dissolve towards the street in an organic pattern. Random petals have LED light fixtures behind them to give the façade more of a presence at night.

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Status: Built
Location: Seoul, KR
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Installation and Façade: SOFTlab
Store design: Innisfree
Photos: Innisfree