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Chroma Bloom

Chroma Bloom was commissioned for the main five story atrium in the new MixC retail complex in Nanjing. The architectural design was inspired by the ripples of a Lotus Pond, We also took interpreted this theme through the Lotus blossom and how they can develop thousands of colorful petals. Chroma Bloom is made of over 16,000 uniquely shaped prismatic diamonds that filter light in unexpected and magical ways. Chroma Bloom filters the sunlight as it enters the atrium’s expansive skylight showering the ground floor and mezzanines with colored light. From below visitors are immersed in an atmosphere created by rays of shifting color as if they are beneath the surface of a lotus pond looking up through a field of colorful petals. The large organic hanging artwork is reminiscent of ancient hanging gardens and has a form that looks different from every angle.

Each of the mezzanines give a panoramic view of the interconnected organic form. As visitors move along each level the artwork’s shape is different from every angle and the diamonds cladding the flowing form shift in color depending on the angle they are viewed from. The interconnected form offers a network of surprising openings where visitors can see through the artwork across the atrium. Whether it is the underside of a lotus pond, the feathers of a sparrow, the roots of a mangrove, the shimmering and flowing ripples of the Yangtze River and the Qinhuai River, Chroma Bloom offers visitors many interpretations.

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Status: Built
Location: Nanjing, CN
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Photos: Rex Zou