New York, NY



pAlice is made of over 2400 laser cut triangles and over 3600 custom connections. All of the tooling and labeling was automated using a custom written MEL script.

The piece connects all of the openings in the room with a singular surface, turning it inside-out and giving viewers reference to the exterior of the room without physical access to it. Viewers can also look inside the surface from the outside of the room and see a space that is the surface average of these openings without actually seeing the interior space of the room.

The name of the piece is a reference to the idea of an Alice Universe: An Alice universe can be considered to allow at least two topologically-distinct routes between any two points (it is doubly connected), and if one connection (or "handle") is declared to be a "conventional" spatial connection, at least one other must be deemed to be a non-orientable wormhole connection.


Also references Lewis's Carroll's Alice Through the looking glass. The piece approximates a highly precise piece of geometry, but is covered in mirrored panels that camouflage the form by reflecting the interior of the room, covering the piece with the same texture as the interior of the room, completing the formal surface as an inversion of the room.

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Jose Gonzalez, Brandt Graves, Carrie McKnelly

Installation: Troy Zezula, Elliot White

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US