RJ Magoon

RJ Magoon

Los Angeles, CA, US


IIT Innovation Center

This competition entry proposes a large-scale, educational community for IIT students to collaborate on the school's inter-professional [IPRO] projects. The overall scheme features a primary structure, within which a clustered, pre-fabricated classroom assembly is supported. Every semester, each IPRO team is assigned one of these clusters, which may subsequently be serviced and re-arranged every semester by the building's rooftop cranes in order to accommodate upcoming teams of different sizes and disciplines. These modular classrooms are enveloped in a two-way projection facade, which allows students to work on large screens from within (as well as to effectively advertise their progress to outside onlookers). This theme of advertising is dramatized by the large scale media blanket which wraps around the entire project, projecting IIT-related images to the surrounding context and concealing a double-skin ventilation system which sustainably conditions the entire complex.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US