RJ Magoon

RJ Magoon

Los Angeles, CA, US


Artist's Living, Working + Exhibition Space

This project – located in an unspecified location in Chicago - stands as a multipurpose structure to fulfill the daily needs of a successful artist. Rather than following a typical ninety-degree planning grid, the massing of this facility is based upon three superimposed grids from which truncated, triangular geometries are derived. These geometries subsequently form spinal floor plates which extend longitudinally along the site, separating the exterior into private and public pavilions. The interior atrium allows visitors to travel along these spinal passages, under a totally glazed, faceted envelope. The overall geometry is designed to shed light upon different exhibits throughout the day, and to lead visitors from a translucent, focused ground floor to a transparent, open upper gallery.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Student