RJ Magoon

RJ Magoon

Pasadena, CA, US


Chicago New City Farmers' Market

Situated within the urban context of Chicago's Near North Side neighborhood, this proposed farmers market is composed of three intertwined passageways featuring market, restaurant, and educational spaces. Within the intersection of these passages arise greenhouses for horticultural growth and sales, as well as passive educational opportunities for shoppers regarding the development of organic foods. The slowly rising market ramp leads visitors to the dining area, featuring a bring-your-own food bar and grill. The educational ramp - which leads shoppers back down to the site - offers unique, organic flash freezing services for the long term preservation of purchased goods. The site exterior offers on site parking, as well as water and sculpture gardens for visitors to relax throughout the day.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Student