RJ Magoon

RJ Magoon

Pasadena, CA, US


Big Sky Ski Lodge

Located along the slopes of Big Sky, Montana's ski resort, this tall ski lodge compartmentalizes three distinct programmatic assemblies to correspondingly accommodate three distinct user types: beginner/intermediate skiers, advanced skiers, and the ski patrol. Three long ramps extend from the complex to pick up these three types of users from their corresponding lift locations and quickly deliver them to the lodge. Inside, the facility is suspended within a greenhouse setting, allowing visitors to experience a completely different side to the local flora and fauna before they exit along the lower ramp which circumscribes the lower half of the complex. The interior acts as didactic environment for the display and preservation of local wildlife, allowing the facility to be used during the summer for environmentalists and biologists interested in Northwestern species.

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Status: School Project
Location: Big Sky, MT