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RAW Design

Toronto, ON, CA


Nuzzles - Forks warming hut

This temporary shelter was a winning entry to the international warming huts competition in Winnipeg, MB.  The concept behind Nuzzles emerged from a desire to challenge the notion of the prototypical ‘hut’.  By inverting the enclosure we created something that is open to the elements yet still provides other means of shelter. Inspired by the properties of fur, Nuzzles offers protection from the wind and insulates by trapping warm air close to the core. The bright colours of the pool noodles stand out from their snowy surroundings, and their flexible forms invite interaction and play. People of all ages, particularly children, were drawn to the sculptures and engaged with them in a variety of ways; jumping into them, climbing them, nestling (or nuzzling) into them.

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Status: Built
Location: Winnipeg, MB, CA
Firm Role: Architect