RAW Design

RAW Design

Toronto, ON, CA


BMW Mini

A companion piece to BMW Toronto (designed by Director Roland Rom Colthoff in 2007), MINI Downtown provides a playful jumble of cascading black cubes framed by the trademark colours of the MINI brand. The dealership features a showroom, garage, offices and support spaces to accommodate a range of staff.

The design incorporates a green roof, solar thermal hot water system and an eye catching and graphic pattern of permeable paving. Along with its day-to-day operations, the space has also hosted a number of events, including parties and a wedding.

“The architects, RAW Design of Toronto, conceived of the complex as a series of cascading glass pavilions, each outlined with a brightly coloured steel frame. The result is one of the most striking structures to appear in the city in some time. It manages to be elegant and fun at the same time”. Christopher Hume The Toronto Star April 10 ,2010.

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
Firm Role: architect
Additional Credits: Structural - Banerjee Associates

Mechanical and Electrical - Able Engineering

Civil - MMM Group

General Contractor - Urbacon

Landscape - The Planning Partnership