Randall Santos

Randall Santos

Makati City, PH


Shunfeng Express Guangzhou Office - Interior Architecture - 2006

Shunfeng Express is the chinese equivalent of DHL or Fedex.  During my work period at BLVD International in Shenzhen, China, we were commissioned to design their office in Guangzhou.  I was briefed by the Design Principal, that the client's objective is to re-brand themselves with a new imagery.  They start with the image of their offices and Guangzhou was the first to be design and I was tasked to give Shunfeng Express a new corporate identity.  The team and I worked on the presentation for the project and were successful in being awarded the contract.  In no time at all, the Guangzhou office was turned over and the clients loved it.  So much that they awarded the other major office locations for us to design and apply the same imagery.  In doing so, their logos were changed, and ultimately the re-branding worked in their favor, and business had been better than before.  And so was the office I worked for.  Shunfeng gave us a lot of projects to work on during that time.

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Status: Built
Location: Guangzhou, CN
My Role: Lead designer for the project.
Additional Credits: The team at BLVD International that tirelessly worked on the plans and generated the 3D images for the presentation that made the client approve the project.