Randall Santos

Randall Santos

Makati City, PH


Community Town Center - Master Planning - 2014~2015

The 100,000 square meter property will be the main commercial hub for the vicinity of the residential area it is centrally located in.  The Town Center shall be the basis for attracting future residents that promises to be self sustaining.  The family unit is the target market for this development and will supported by the basic features provided by commercial, medical, ecumenical and sports amenities of this community.  For the town center to be successful, the experience a visitor will have on foot or by riding a vehicle must be a smooth transitioned one, having personal destinations at opposite ends of the estate.  This will service the community and have carefully defined the vehicular and foot traffic flow to make the experience a seamless one.

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Status: Built
Location: Davao City, PH
My Role: My role for the project is a Master Planner.
Additional Credits: Credits go to the team in patiently putting all of this together and have it finally approved by the client.