Randall Santos

Randall Santos

Makati City, PH


Philippine Pavilion - Exhibition Design - 1998

The Philippine Department Of Trade was the client and commissioned Lor Calma Design Associates, Inc. for the design of the Philippine Pavilion.  It's presence commemorates the Philippines as the host country of the trade fair to be held in the spring of 1998 in Hannover, Germany.  The pavilion imagery reflects the sails of a philippine sea vessel from the southernmost part of the archipelago, called Vinta.  Its inherent element is its colorful sail consisting of triangular patterns.  The pavilion is an abstracted Vinta.  The exhibit consists of the heavy export companies classified in the following industries:  automotive, IT, food, furniture, etc.  These companies heavily contribute to the world market and have their respective booth within the pavilion to further promote their products to new buyers.  From these companies, we had collected information on all their products and had produced a simple booth design that will accommodate their displays.  The pavilion integrates a dining area that serves filipino food and meeting areas for trade discussions.  The people flow had been skewed as opposed to the the normal grid to make meandering within the pavilion an interesting one.  Overall, the pavilion was a success in its construction and as a strong vessel of trade.

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Status: Built
Location: Hannöver, DE
My Role: My role was to ensure the details for this project was in place aside from the plan. I also coordinate with the client to gather as much information, graphics, signages and required objects to be exhibited.
Additional Credits: Credits go to the team during the work period at Lor Calma Design Associates, Inc., that worked so effortlessly on this project. And to the german contractor that made a superb job constructing the pavilion to the "T".