Randall Santos

Randall Santos

Makati City, PH


Ong Residence - Architecture & Interior Architecture - 2002

A three storey residential mass and occupied the building footprint to its setback.  The mass was divided into three areas; public, service and private and designated from the ground level till the last one.  Natural light and air was ensured there was never a dark area during the day and air was always circulating through the volume of areas.  A lofty area where the main staircase was located, was the central area and where the air freely circulated.  The air conditioned areas allowed natural air to circulate even when the air conditioner was not switched on.  The architecture and its imagery continued into the interior areas for the consistency of the design.  The color white was applied to emphasize the huge space and articulated by the application of other materials, surface reveals, the windows and other openings.  The presence of plants softens the rigidness of the massing and simultaneously neutralizing it and harmonious to look at.

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Status: Built
Location: Pasig City, PH
My Role: I was Senior Project Designer and part of a pair that worked on this project. I was accountable for ensuring the design and proportion was intact and keeping the other trades in alignment with the design.
Additional Credits: Huge credits go to Mr. Dennis Sison, Architect and my work partner on this project and of course to the Design Principal, Eduardo Calma.