Randall Santos

Randall Santos

Makati City, PH


Lincoln Villa Residential Typologies - Architecture - 2004

The project site is located in the northern suburb of Beijing.  The previous drafts for the housing typologies were always disapproved and had to be re-thought of.  As a greenhorn then to the company, I was given the first task to design the residential typologies or else I would be on the job search again.  I worked on the first set of sketches and some tweaks were suggested by my two colleagues in keeping alignment of the chinese government's design institute building guidelines.  Our efforts paid off when the company was finally awarded the contract for the residential typologies.

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Status: Built
Location: Beijing, CN
My Role: Responsible for designing the residences to be applied onto the estate.
Additional Credits: Credits go to Zeidler Partnership Architects and especially to Architects Zhang Gong and Jin Oon.