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Bamiyan Cultural Center by Peter Ruge Architekten

Sustainable architecture that is more than a landmark. It is linked to the local identity and innovative technical construction. It will be a vital center for the local community and the world to preserve and share the culture of Bamiyan. Our design is a place for exhibition, meeting, sharing and... full entry

Peter Ruge Architekten

Bamiyan Cultural Center by Ricardo Rebolledo

The new Cultural Center for Baniyan is conceived as a garden-building. A place that promotes harmonic coexistance between their inhabitants as a celebration of cultural exchange in times of peace. In addition to the pre-established program of the competition, green areas of flower beds have been... full entry

Ricardo Rebolledo

Con-Cave by reMIX

Con-Cave: Bamiyan Cultural CentreYear : 2015Type : cultural center competition Size : building 2,200 sqm, landscape 26,000 sqmLocation : Bamiyan, Afghanistan  Con-cave is a spatial intervention that shapes the steep terrain of the site playing with the infiltration of... full entry



Imagine...a mesmerizing evening in Bamiyan and that the scene has a 5-year old girl playing ecstatically with her ever-loyal Tazi puppy that traces its regal looks, lineage and legacy to the region. Imagine that she suddenly runs towards her parents who enter their family home after a long day's... full entry


Bamiyan Cultural Center by Abraham John Architects by ABRAHAM JOHN ARCHITECTS

The design of the Bamiyan Valley Cultural Centre is woven into the landscape based on a sensitive and responsive approach to the context and nature of Bamiyan. The basic idea was to design the built forms so as to be in consonance with the landscape. It encourages a flow of people through a new... full entry


Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition by islam el mashtooly

LINEARITY & CENTRALITY The Design approach puts the local environment and people at the centre of the dynamic and recognizes the vital importance of their interaction and response in optimizing the richness of the places over time. In Bamiyan, the natural forces have played a dominant role in... full entry

islam el mashtooly

Unfolding Janna, a Cultural Centre for Bamiyan by Safira Lakhani

Janna is the root word in Arabic for both Paradise, Jannah, and for gardens, Jannat.  The Cultural Centre for Bamiyan finds its premise here, envisioned as a pause in the expansive landscape, and a catalytic hub for the community.  Design of the Centre is a considered approach of two... full entry

Safira Lakhani

Bamiyan Cultural Centre by Gronning Architects, PLLC

EMBEDDED EARTHConcept:Our proposal is a gentle earthen form, emerging from the slope of the upper plateau at the proposed site. Formed from the land it sits upon, this block is defined by its’ pakhsa wall. It is perforated with light and adorned with symbolic afghan tiles that will glimmer... full entry

Gronning Architects, PLLC

UNESCO Competition by Splendid 4D Studio

Bamiyan Cultural Center“The cultural landscape and archaeological remains of the Bamiyan Valley represent the artistic and religious developments which from the 1st to the 13th centuries characterized ancient Bakhtria. The area contains numerous Buddhist monastic ensembles and sanctuaries... full entry

Splendid 4D Studio

Bamiyan Cultural Centre Competition by Fabio Pradarelli

Following the brief from the Competition architectural guidlines, the project had to be realistic and not a simple composition exercise. But unfortunatly the jury went in an other direction, and the result of the choice of the jury is a very complicated building to do, especially with the local... full entry

Fabio Pradarelli

Bamiyan Cultural Center Competition by iman daneshvarnejad

"relation with the historical context of World Heritage" is noted as one of the design principle in the design documents of Bamyian cultural center competition. So it seems the main challenge of the project could call "relationship problems": relationship of the project (cultural center) with the... full entry

iman daneshvarnejad

Bamiyan Culture Centre by by MAKA Studio

THE AFGHAN RUG The principal mission of our project for Bamiyan Cultural Center is to create an innovative design which will promote a culture of Afghanistan world widely and will be a meeting place for local communities. The way to communicateOur first inspiration was an element that is... full entry

MAKA Studio

Bamiyan Cultural Centre by SimpleTwig

Bamiyan Cultural CentreThis proposal is about these people and their culture…One human standing on this earth can change the world.Together, we can change everything for the better of all. First, we acknowledge the place which allowed the culture of these people to develop, a valley of... full entry


Bamiyan Cultural Center by 109 Architectes

Presence in Absence Perched high above the city, the site creates the setting of an expansive platform offering sweeping views of the Bamiyan. Located on a panoramic plateau and acting as a 360 degrees panopticon, the site celebrates its central location: The site overlooks and absorbs the... full entry

109 Architectes