Bamiyan Cultural Center Competition by iman daneshvarnejad

iman daneshvarnejad
iman daneshvarnejad

"relation with the historical context of World Heritage" is noted as one of the design principle in the design documents of Bamyian cultural center competition. So it seems the main challenge of the project could call "relationship problems": relationship of the project (cultural center) with the history of the site, with geography and the land in which project will settle in one side and the relation of people and the center on the other side. 

finding the answers for these problems could be formulated as below:

1. The relationship of the project (cultural center) with the historical context; strategies are: respect to the context, sinking into the ground, being as a part of the land, defining the entrances through voids like what is seen in the surrounding.   

2. The relationship of the project with geographical context and the land form; strategies are: trying to define a pattern derived from the language of the land, the trenches form could continue in an abstract way.

Also the internal functions continue to the external form and strengthen the fragmental shape of the building in the sides which is trying to represent the trenches.

3. The relationship of the center with people: the most important internal characteristic of the project is the empty spaces which support visibility, transparency and fluidity of the space. The whole building structure is based on the void and the visibility of the empty space: People should gaze at the empty space of the Buddhas of Bamiyan to remember the history.

Status: Competition Entry
Location: Afghanistan
Additional Credits: Ehsan Mousavi , Mandana Mansouri

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