Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

Warsaw, PL


PKO Bank Polski, Private Banking Center

Client: PKO Bank Polski S.A.
Date of completion: 2011
Area: 483 sqm
Photo by: Szymon Polański

The project was developed for Poland’s biggest financial institution PKO Bank Polski which decided to create a chain of branches dedicated to the prestigious services of private banking. The starting point was the Bank’s modernized logo in its elegant color version – black, white and gold, which created a set for the interior design. Additionally, the particularly inspiring decorative motif from the CI of a grid of sinusoidal lines was used in an innovative way by applying parametric design software to build a spatial model of the interior coming out of the transformation of the bi-dimensional pattern. The interior is unique thanks to the furnishings and finishing materials that were designed and produced for this particular facility, and thanks to bold usage of minimalistic palette of colors, where gold balances the strong contrast between black and white with its unique decorative qualities and rich symbolism – as a warm and noble color referring to such values as prestige, stability and prosperity.

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Status: Built
Location: Warsaw, Poland
My Role: interior design, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design