Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

Warsaw, PL


ING Bank, Corporate Department of ING Bank Śląski

Client: ING Bank Śląski

Date of completion: 2010 – up to now
Area: depending on location, up to 1400 sqm
Photo by: Olo Studio

The project was developed as a standard to cater for the need to build a special feature in terms of interior design for corporate departments of ING Bank, dealing with a different kind of customers then simple retail facilities, as well as to create a friendly environment for Bank’s employees. An energetic, futuristic, yet user-friendly style was proposed for the interior of ING Corporate Department branches. Free-flowing walls form a superstructure undulating towards and away from the actual structure of the building and creating an 'internal clothing' being sewn on the walls. The colors of the interior are primarily the corporate colors of ING: intense orange, complemented with plenty of white, and subdued with shades of gray and blue. The functional solutions implemented here were oriented to the maximum usability and tailored to the nature of work in the different areas of the facility, and, what is significant, the standard of the spaces for employees does not differ much from that of the representative zone. This emphasizes the commitment, deeply rooted in the company's culture, to the quality of work performed.


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Status: Built
Location: multiple locations, Poland
My Role: interior design, branding, multimedia, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design