Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

Warsaw, PL


Open Finance, Chain of financial advisers

Client: Getin Noble Bank S.A.

Date of completion: 2004 – up to now
Area: depending on location, up to 400 sqm
Photo by: Olo Studio

The project was developed basing on an innovative, courageous and coherent concept – brand new image of a dynamic and modern financial advisory service open to the individual needs of each and every client. An important point of reference was the name ‘Open Finance’ which in itself was announcing a significant change. The finance world would be open to the client, friendly, understandable, and accessible – and so are the facilities. The values of the brand were visualized in the symbol of an orchid and framed in a fresh color scheme where white, as a basic color, came together with a fiery orange and a deep, intense purple. The design structured as a standard for institution was implemented in numerous locations and showcased the qualities of positive energy, clarity of rules and accessibility, which constituted a counterweight to conservative and canonical solutions present in financial sector.

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Status: Built
Location: multiple locations, Poland
My Role: interior design, logo, branding, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design