Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

Warsaw, PL


Kronverk Cinema

Multiplex cinema in Russia

Client: ISC Epos
 Date of completion: 2010
Area: 1054 sqm
Photo by: Andrey Cordelianu

The project created for the leading cinema network on the Russian market started as a task to create a new standard model for the chain of cinema facilities aimed at elevating the culture of multiplex cinemas to a new level. Inspired by the colors and shapes closed in the form of crown in Kronverk’s trademark, a flexible array of forms was set to create spaces of various geometry and function. The design concept in a modern way refers to the Russian decorativeness. The patterns and forms applied in the project are contemporary interpretation of motifs known from other eras or traditional ornaments. The power of expression of this interior is coherence and style that defines anew the modern eastern splendor, based on the latest technological achievements.

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Status: Built
Location: 12/2 Entuziastov St., Moscow, Russia
My Role: interior design, multimedia, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design