Robert Majkut

Robert Majkut

Warsaw, PL


Alior Bank, Private banking branches

Client: Alior Bank S.A.
Date of completion: 2009 - up to now
Area: depending on location, up to 300 sqm
Photo by: Olo Studio

The main assumption for the project was to make a visible reference to the characteristic identity of Alior Bank, based on the stylized face of an angel from an old drawing and, upon their market launch, to distinguish private banking facilities from the retail service. The corporate color palette was supplemented with colors of black, cooper and graphite gray, and the main geometric theme was found in the graphical linearity present in the engraving of the angel figure as well as in the shape of square, reminiscence of the Piet Mondrian style and on the other hand a reference to the Bauhaus school. The resulting combination referred to the noble office interiors in the style of the '40 and '50, known from the American offices of times of prosperity and built a very elegant whole corresponding to customer expectations regarding such establishments.

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Status: Built
Location: multiple locations, Poland
My Role: interior design, branding, furniture design, lighting design, graphic design