James Turney

James Turney

Cincinnati, OH, US


Sharonville Convention Center

This renovation and expansion of a regional event powerhouse required an extraordinary effort to realize, after the project was delayed for a year when a public-private partnership dissolved and funding eroded.  The project was completely re-programmed, and re-designed, eliminating a pedestrian bridge and several thousand SF of retail space. It went from restart to being released for bid and permit in eight months, coming in 20% below budget and requiring contractor-driven change orders of less than 2% o fthe budget.  The building remained operational throughout construction - not a single event was lost.

The project doubled the exhibit hall size and doubled the amount of meeting rooms, as well as adding a ballroom, but the new mechanical systems are so efficient that the energy bills did not increase.  The building has been submitted for LEED-silver certification.

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Status: Built
Location: Sharonville, OH, US
My Role: As Director, I acted as Principal-in-Charge, leading design and production efforts, personally handling QC and consultant relations, assisting with Construction Administration
Additional Credits: Dan Mayzum, Designer, Brian Sabla, Construction Administration, KLH Engineers, MEP Engineering