James Turney

James Turney

Cincinnati, OH, US


New Conservatory - Miami University, Hamilton Campus, Hamilton, Ohio

The Conservatory supports collegiate and community programs associated with preservation and conservation.  It serves as a boundary to the campus, and features trails leading to restored prarie and woodland habitats.  The building was designed as a pedagogical device, with huge interpretive murals showing the evolution of local flora and fauna.  The design features a rotunda with a lantern that serves as an iconic geospatial reference, visible from everywhere on the campus.  The building itself is only part of a larger experience, as plazas, trails and gardens and restored habitats extend the campus and provide the visitor and student with a broader, richer, evolving environment.

Inside, the Conservatory house special plant dislay areas, while the rotunda houses educational, recreational and other support functions.  Research space is contained in two wings. 

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Status: Built
Location: Hamilton, OH, US
My Role: As Group Manager, I directed the efforts of the team, handled contracts, reviewed the design and drawings, managed the staff and consultants.