James Turney

James Turney

Cincinnati, OH, US


Courtyard by Marriott - New Prototype

When requested to "re-image" the venerable Courtyard prototype model, our team seized the opportunity and re-imagined the hotel as an entirely new experience.  The new design is focused around the thematic use of opposing curves, already present in the branding materials but never featured in the architecture.  The intent was to create forms that were simultaneously evocative of pre-WWII era hotels and thoroughly contemporary in the use of materials, including the potential for LEED-certification.

The result is a design that completely revitalizes the public spaces, with features unknown to the traveler of just a decade or two ago, and entirely new room experiences, all based on the traditional Courtyard branding motifs.

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Status: Built
Location: Various locations throughout the US
My Role: As Director, I oversaw the initial design efforts, personally completed the SketchUp model, and transformed the 3-D model into prototype documents
Additional Credits: Joe Mattoni and Ed Segat assisted greatly in this endeavor.