Adam Hower

Adam Hower

Harrisburg, PA, US


Single Occupancy Research Station

This project incorporated many passive heating/cooling techniques since its location was in a national forest in Arkansas and could not have electricity. The two primary materials used in this project are wood and corrogated steel. The reason behind this was there availability and ease of transportation.  Another aspect that was taken into consideration was site drainage.  I used a water basin to catch the water that would come down the hill on the northern side of the station. This water basin also collected any water that would run off the roof that wasn’t collected by barrels. For heat during the brief winter I used a roof pond located at the south end of the building which would give off enough heat to keep the station comfortable.The hood for the roof pond if opened could also act as a sun shade, shading a large portion of the southern facade.  To allow wind to blow through the station I placed two large doors on the eastern facade to allow the prevailing easterly winds to blow through to the smaller openings on the opposite side. 

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Status: School Project