Adam Hower

Adam Hower

Harrisburg, PA, US


MSSD Academic Building

The Masters of Science and Sustainable Design is a post graduation program. It focuses on building/engineering structures that work harmoniously with nature. This building used mainly sunlight to light the building and also help heat the building by using thermal masses in the appropriate areas.  The shape of the building came from the idea of the rising and falling of the sun. The building is built into a slope and each piece is set down the slope lower than the last. The sun hits each of the pieces more or less during the course of a day according to what program piece is located in each. The buildings form also lends itself to views to the exterior. The main hall curves down a terrace which is used as gathering/teaching spaces. Courtyards are also located in between the pieces to create a feeling that nature is invading the space.

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Status: School Project