Kristian Fosholt

Kristian Fosholt

San Francisco, CA, US

Design by Studio Daniel Libeskind
Design by Studio Daniel Libeskind


Retail/Office mixed-use complex with 40,000 sqm GFA. 2 phases connected by office level bridge.  3 Floors of office above 3 floors of retail.  varying facades for orientation and context.  Passive sustainable strategies for exterior envelope include sun-shading and green roofs/courtyards.  Completed 2013.

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Status: Built
Location: Düsseldorf, DE
My Role: Design Development of facades (rationalization and modulation); 3D modeling and 2D detailing, Presentation and working renderings, CD's for exterior envelope
Additional Credits: Studio Daniel Libeskind, Zechbau Gmbh, NAi, Murphy Facade Studio+Infacon