Kristian Fosholt

Kristian Fosholt

San Francisco, CA, US


3D Workflow Studies

Studies utilizing various 3D platforms to create a work-flow which utilizes the various software for it's own strengths.  Using a combination of Rhino and Grasshopper for conceptual design, the project can have endless massing capabilities, along with the ability to use parametric modeling and rapid prototyping for design options in early stages.  These programs provide the most freedom in conceptual design, but are accurate enough to transition to other programs without rebuilding from scratch.  Revit is a strong program for setting up 2D drawings from a 3D model, as well as rationalization of geometry, BIM capabilities, and managing a drawing set.  However, it is cumbersome and limited in conceptual design, and usually requires a lot of work setting up for front end, which is not always ideal in early stages of project pursuits.  However, from a conceptual model rhino is possible to create native revit geometry so that the project can move into more detailed stages and utilize BIM technology to manage the project once concept design is finished.

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Status: School Project
Location: Stanford, CA, US