Jiameng(Emma) Li

Jiameng(Emma) Li

Urbana, IL, US

Wall House
Wall House

Wall House

This project was designed during the study abroad at Italy,
Rome, and the purpose is to study how people use the
Baroque wall in the past. Wall as a space could be used for
particular reasons assigned by function. It is not just the
partition that shows up as two lines in oor plans.
The Wall House sits in front of an Art Archive building which
is accessed through this house. The Wall House is designed
to have a strong contrast with the two old modern brick
buildings beside it. Same as the Baroque Churches’ facade,
the Wall House has a sculptural facade design based on a
concept of light, where all the windows are placed to
maximize daylight and views to the outside as needed.
The main materials used are reinforced concrete, steel
colunms and glass with aluminium frames. There is a spiral
stair that is designed under IRC (International Residential
Code) and a elevator for circulation. A rain water collection
system is designed on the top of the spiral stair to provide a
sense of sustainability to this house. A drain pipe is built
inside the supprting column for the stair. The rain water
collection system has a glass roof that also provides light
for the deep stair space.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Antonio, TX, US