Jiameng(Emma) Li

Jiameng(Emma) Li

Urbana, IL, US

River Walk Condo Hotel
River Walk Condo Hotel

River Walk Condo Hotel

This is a sky scraper project that lasted four weeks. The
purpose as design a condo hotel by the San Antonio River
Walk that requires a river level restaraunt, a street level
trac station, a lobby, management oces, a tness center
with a pool and general condo units.
This building has a heavy concrete column supporting system
and a light concrete building skin with a four by four glazing
system. Due to the fact that it is located at a famous travel
spot, the goal of designing this building skin is to make it
rational and playful. A series of colors are chosen for the skin
paern without interrupting the private condo units.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Antonio, TX, US