Jiameng(Emma) Li

Jiameng(Emma) Li

Urbana, IL, US

Paisano News
Paisano News

Paisano News

This is a News Oce building for an non-prot student news
organization in Texas, Paisano News, and a seperate rental
space for a magazine editor group. The site was chosen by the
manager of Paisano News. Her reason is to have a sustainable
project as this is a property that has many trees on the lot.
Therefore, the design must have a rational master plan
without moving too many trees away from the foundation.
A design idea from traditional Beijing (China) quadrangle has
been used as a concept of this project because it serves the
function of partitioning the two groups of people while
allowing certain interactions as well.
Since the courtyard is so special for this place, a wall is
designed in a specic way to achieve the goal. This wall can be
used by both the rental space and the garden from both side
and also serves as a the landscape space of the news building.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Antonio, TX, US