Jiameng(Emma) Li

Jiameng(Emma) Li

Urbana, IL, US

Beach House Under House
Beach House Under House

BeachHouse UnderHouse

The goal of this project is to design the underhouse for a beach
house owned by a family. This part of the house will be eventually
 flooded because the house is located within the coastal
ood zone.
There are twenty columns that are already built within the
house basement. The main material used is wood with water
proof coating, installed with a shape that is curvilinear
analogous to water. There is a contrast created between the
street side facade and the beach side to provide people with a
surprise when they enter and notice what is going on inside the
The required components of this “underhouse” are a standard
size parking place, a loading area, a shower, a dinning place to
gather the family and storage to keep their private stu.

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Status: School Project
Location: Galveston, TX, US