Jiameng(Emma) Li

Jiameng(Emma) Li

Urbana, IL, US

Reconstruction of Lambert Beach
Reconstruction of Lambert Beach

Reconstruction of Lambert Beach

The site has two historical stone buildings with gabled roofs
that are located in the center of San Antonio. There is a Zoo to
the north of the site and a lake to the south. The goal is to
change these two buildings to a siwm center that includes a
set of changing rooms, a restaurant, management oces, a
storage and restrooms.
The concept is crenellation that matches with the historical
stone surfaces. Other than new stucco buildings, the majority
of the structure has roofs that with crenellated paerns in
three dimensions. It also presents an analogy of water when
people see it as a whole because it appears like a wave.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Antonio, TX, US