Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Madrid, ES


Transport centre

The new transport centre in New York was a big deal. New York major needed a building to be the entry to the city from the river, the building must meet information center, flying, sea and earth transport in one building and an icon to be fared-recognised.
Poised next to Brooklyn bridge and Battery park, the project propose a way to regenerate the areas river frontage, creating an spectacular place to enjoy dramatic views of Brooklyn, being the buildings a frame-mark from New York to New York.

The concept of this development has a double function, a connection piece between two uncared places and the tourist and new Yorkers meeting point.
There are two principal entries: one from the water plaza, by a footbridge and another one from the river frontage. Buses and taxis go into the building through a parallel road next to river frontage to an underground parking without breaks the promenade.
The arrangement of project is holded in four volumes; three of them have an 80 m projecting. Each one of the volumes is dugged into the street and flies on a high-slopped roof. Under the roof, there are the waiting stages for ferries.
This shape responds to a steel triangular structure, which achieve the big projecting without any column inside. The whole walls are the structure.
The fourth volume is rectangular-shaped and is destinated to administration, and heliport on the roof.

Inside the volumes, the space flows up through a series of stages connected by mechanical stairs. The light goes into the building from the roof and the final hole.
All the shops, services and tourist information can be seen in the moment you go in.

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Status: School Project