Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Madrid, ES


Social Club & Primary School

Located in the limit of the city of Almere with the big lake Gooimer, this project looks for the reactivation of the border by introducing a social club for old people and a primary school in the forest of an artificial peninsula. The existent road among the border breaks the connection with the city. This situation provides the project to be designed on using one floor, and be shaped as a snail by creating a paralell line by the road. This image stokes people as discover what is happening inside and is is then when they are called to enjoy the inside court, the place of relationship between old people and children.
As you go in from the road you find a covered space where the entries to the social club and school are located, on two sides, one on the left and the other one on the right.
The social club is distributed in two principals spaces; on the left there is a children's and old people's work exhibition place, the library and newspaper library with a public nature. On the right the hole social club is distributed with a little medical center, standing rooms and different spaces for dancing, painting, etc creating polivalent spaces. The dinning room and cafe are the limit with the primary school.

The primary school is the other side of the snail. The program of the school is based on Montessori method of education. As you go in, on the left you will find a big polyvalent space, which can be used as a gym, or as a dancing place.
On the right the hole school is developed. The twenty-two classes are looking towards the court. There are two kinds of classes, first one for children between 5-6 years old and second one for children between 7-12 years old. The main difference between them are their size. For little children the classes are bigger, a place where children can experiment with everything. Both kinds of classes have one bathroom, and a secondary floor with access from the own class by a spiral staircase, and also a direct exit to the court. The corridors are big enough for children to play inside, if weather conditions are required. The last space is where the library has been located, next to the social club cafe.

The court itself is a relation place, with short cut ways to go from a place to the other, and vegetable school garden, playing spaces and many trees.

All the building is made of glass in both facades, this way the forest is inside the building all the time, and the relationship between the social club and primary school is direct but in the distance.

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Status: School Project
Location: Almere, Holland