Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Raquel Gomez Sanchez

Madrid, ES


Market and new square in Plaza de los Mostenses

The project answers to a border need, the current square of the Mostenses is occupied by the Mostenses market building, an uninteresting one which makes the square a non existent one. The market is a need in the neighbourhood but also the opened space of a square. 
The idea of the project was guided by the determination of creating a new opened space for the city to breath.
A big crack on the ground makes the connection between the Gran Vía avenue and the new market. Pedestrians get inside the crack which leads them to the underground opened space surronded by the market.
The building has a parking on -2 and -3 floor, where the loading bay are located and also a resident & clients parking.
On -1 floor almost the entire market is placed, a central corridor leads the visitors towards the whole market, and connects with the stairs and elevators to go to 0 floor. The stall's design and location allows always the complete perception of the market world everytime. Backwards the market is a private space full occupied by stores, installation rooms, dressing rooms...
On 0 floor, an half buried space are located the main entries to the market. It is divided in three main parts, administration one, bars and restaurant stalls and an all-purpose space, so as the administration can organise differents workshops .
The outdoors square, is composed by the surronded space and two of the bigger roofs of the building. It is a different square, it has meeting points, children park, and the best of all opened cars free spaces belonged to the neighboors but also to the tired tourist which want to get away of the noisy and crazy Gran Vía.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid