Mark Paz

Mark Paz

New York, NY, US


Parametric Urban Infill

Urban infill on a steep site in Amman Jordan.  This unused site was redeveloped as a space for displaced residents from refugee camps and informal settlements in Amman.  The architectural vocabulary and form is driven by a variation in affordability and lot sizes as well as a harnessing of wind to cool each building naturally.  The entire infill site and architecture was generated using grasshopper, the definition was based on a thorough analysis of informal settlements which hold a large amount of cultural 'DNA' as the settlements are embedded with a degree of social space unique to the region, climate and customs of Amman.  This infill proposal seeks to tie together two areas with an intervention that is natural to it's surrounding urbanism while applying a level of rationality deemed necessary for a top down master plan. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Amman Jordan