Esteban Beita

Esteban Beita

Westwood, NJ, US


Paso Ancho Medical Center

The concept for this hospital relies on my experience in the research of Traditional Japanese design principles and their practical applications in improving the building reaction to changing conditions around the year. For this reason the building is designed to make the best use of the natural environment. This results in an eco- friendly design, becoming conscience on ways to decrease energy use by taking advantage of natural lighting, ventilation and rain water collection. This is implemented in the design of the interior atrium, which allows natural lighting to enter the interior spaces, reducing the consumption of electricity. The atrium also allows natural ventilation to be used in keeping a comfortable temperature around the year, limiting the reliability on air conditioning. Finally, the atrium further assist in collecting rain water, which is then collected in underground tanks and then redistribute to the building. Another important aspect of this space in the creation of a healing garden at the center of the hospital, which allows patients and workers to be in contact with natural views at all times. This idea is derived from my research into Japanese architecture, where the creation of natural views is regarded as a key design principle in the improvement and interaction of spaces, resulting in the creation of harmony between interior and exterior, and at the same time a space for relaxation. Another key principle of Traditional Japanese Design which has also been implemented is the flexibility of the building to adapt and take full advantage of natural conditions, such as lighting, ventilation, rain water collection and creation of natural views.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Costa Rica