Shao-feng Chiu

Shao-feng Chiu

Taipei, TW


Urban Planing Proposal

The site in Abu Alanda, Amman is a gigantic area outside the city. It surrounds two hills and is served by a main road.The boundaries of the site are sinuous, and the topography is extremely complex. These issues were addressed with a precise strategy: A primary access artery connected to the main road follows the contours of the site. The two hills are encircled by this road, preserving the hills to create a natural park. A second network of roads fan out from this primary geometry, serving diversely oriented plots. External plots are served by footpaths within a distance accorded by local regulations (max. 40 meters). Commercial plots are situated facing the main road, and public facilities such as schools, a mosque, and a community building are placed in the irregular left-over spaces in between the regular groups of plots. Even with anonymous or chaotic constructions occupying the site in the future, the regularity and compactness of each zone will create identity and orientation inside the larger complex. When the expected sprawl will surround the site, the two empty hilltops will became a necessary landmark.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Amman, JO