Shao-feng Chiu

Shao-feng Chiu

Taipei, TW


Residence in Viale di Trastevere

A fragmented territory near the Rome Trastevere station is formed by the foundation wall of an abandoned railway bridge. This wall—the bridge once being part of the original railway line— creates a severe division between two neighborhoods of the city, each on a separate level on either side of the wall. Here the project proposes a residential tower, with the main emphasis on continuity. By creating a connection between the neighborhoods across this railway divide , the organic form smoothly redefines the different levels of the city. It develops into a wide portico on the lower level of the wall, housing a (formerly disorganized) public market. On the street level above the portico, a small park is created, a new transition zone between the rail station and the neighborhood. The residence tower rises and curves inward at the end of this portico, forming a courtyard and delineating the street and the public and private zones.



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Status: School Project
Location: Roma, IT