Shao-feng Chiu

Shao-feng Chiu

Taipei, TW


Interchange Parking Garage + High Rise Residence

The prompt for this project was “a parking garage project plus one function.” At the outset, the studio was given choices for the size of the project. They are XL (more than 5000 parking spaces), L (1000 – 5000), M (100 -1000), and S (less than 100). This project was size S. Instead of considering the parking garage as an additional function of the building, the concept is to create a residence and that finds new qualities in living around automobiles. In a highly developed metropolis, private automobiles symbolize status, security, and power. Living apart from the city and driving to work has become the embodiment of this status. In this way, a private parking garage becomes the main link between private and public life. The architectural interpretation of this phenomenon is imagined as a residential tower on the Ma-Wan island connected to the interstate, between Hong Kong and the Lantau island. This intermediate location provides access to the international airport on Lantau and the business center of Hong Kong, while maintainingthe separate and elite gestalt of the automobile class.


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Status: School Project
Location: Hong Kong, HK