Shao-feng Chiu

Shao-feng Chiu

Taipei, TW


Operahouse in Xi-Ji yu

This project is a private holiday house with a public theater. The challenge for a new holiday house is to celebrate a collective life while keeping a private life intact. The size of this project was XL(> 1000 m²). The site is the abandoned island of Xi-Ji Yu, near Taiwan Island. The private opera house is located near a ferry route on the northwest corner of the island. The project is defined by a cavernous, cylindrical atrium encircled by a helical ramp. The atrium and ramp form a non-hierarchical public space, wherein the circulation for performers, the stage, the seating, and the public circulation can be selectively defined (or undefined.) A private circulation exists within this structure in the form of an large enclosed ramp, a tube, forming the edge of one side of the helical tube. This enclosed ramp creates a linear living space. These two structures merge at the upper intersection of the helix, forming an angle. In this angle is the restaurant for the opera, and the dining room for the house—the one point where the two programs meet.



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Status: School Project
Location: Taiwan, TW