Michael Levy Bajar

Michael Levy Bajar

New York, NY, US


The Bulk Bench

For our final project we were asked to design an exterior-grade furniture piece for a local client that would not only be made with recycled materials or waste products from local wood working facilities, but also retain the condition of each piece intact and exemplify its unaltered nature while providing structural integrity and the highest level of quality achievable.
We focused on waste strips that were being discarded as offcuts from long wood planks that were being used at a local wood furniture shop during a visit in the research stage of our project.
This led us to numerous experiments in creating an outdoor bench made entirely out of discarded bundles of wood strips.
Since our material palette was limited based on what we could find, every thought and every test was radically processed to minimize the amount of time, effort and material wasted.
Part of my responsibilities was to create a process diagram that would allow for a precise timeline from the moment we started brainstorming until we delivered the final product.
The completed bench was highly regarded by the members of the community for whom we designed the bench and quickly became a favorite item to interact with during community gatherings and special events.

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Status: Built
Location: Charlottesville, VA, US