Michael Levy Bajar

Michael Levy Bajar

New York, NY, US


Reactive [Dis]placement

As a starting point for the project, we looked into precedents that conveyed ideas about temporality, easily deployable structures and with modifiable components that would allow for human interaction based on individual parameters.

After familiarizing ourselves with the CNC router and testing different materials and tool settings, we focused on assembling a parametric structure in which modules would not only rotate around two axes but also slide to allow for maximum customization.

In order to minimize material waste and cutting time, we tested several configurations, shapes and sizes until we reached an ideal size of a small 4” x 16” plank.

The final wall assembly begins to suggest its customizable nature and adaptability as a network of parametric modules that can be modified by the user.

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Status: Built
Location: Charlottesville, VA, US