Jean Keil

Jean Keil

Jamaica, NY, US


Balzac Caffé - Main-Taunus Center

This is the first new shop in the re-branding of Balzac Coffee into Balzac Caffé. Primarily worked on brand experience which was comprised of graphic services, signage, architectural design, and interior design. The brand strategy is based on the original brand values of the founder of Balzac Coffee as well as current coffee shop trends.

The shop near Frankfurt features the signature Balzac Caffé wooden frame on the outside. Upon entering, shop patrons are greeted with a 9 meter long, wooden counter that defines the narrow linear space. It is shaped and intended to be more like a bar counter as opposed to the typical service counter, and will act as a social zone for people to enjoy coffee and additional items each Balzac store will offer. This minimal environment is made cozy through playful and artisanal accent elements that will be changed more often, including the menu boards, graphical styles, and seating upholstery.

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Status: Built
Location: Main-Taunus-Zentrum Sulzbach, Germany
My Role: interior design