Steven Jean-Baptiste

Steven Jean-Baptiste

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Valley

As the introductory course for Digital Fabrication, the projects that came out it were mainly based on trials and errors until we got the something that worked.

For the first phases of my project I wanted to create a base that had a little more "life" to it, like something organic, which is why I used to a combination of curves and straight edges until I got an iteration that resembled "Dragon Scales".

For the final phase of the project I came up with a set of components that would be 3D printed and are basically movable. Conceptually, they would create spaces people could walk under, sit and relax. When assembled together, the concept was to have empty spaces in-between to allow sunlight light in.  As the components look more like bones or really rough skins of a mammal, I named it "Scale Valley".

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Status: School Project