Steven Jean-Baptiste

Steven Jean-Baptiste

Brooklyn, NY, US


Drifting Shell

This project was for the "Floating Room Competition 2017" by Archistart, and like the name we wanted to make something that create the feeling that the room is floating.

After talking about the water, its properties and sea creatures, we decided to go with one of our iteration ideas where we have sphere inside of another sphere, using the outer one as "shell" for whatever would be inside.

Since we chose lake Orta for the site of the project, the design and texture of the shell came about using the views that we wanted to focus on the site while also keeping some sort of privacy for the people on the inside. Most of the structure is made of wood, which would block the sunlight and not heat-up the place too much, all-the-while the top third was made of steel so that the sunlight would be reflected back to the inside and bring ambient light in.

Some of the design features such as the movable skylight on top, the arch-framed view from the top level  and the bottom third of the form where you can see the water as someone is getting down to the shower are meant to increase and get the most out of the experience. For example, the site that chose is located on a river one of the many country side of the Italy - there are no tall building around - so at night the view would be spectacular looking at the stars while in bed.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lake Orta, Italy
My Role: Brainstorming (group), Modeling, Designing, Organizing (group)
Additional Credits: Siobhan Smith