Steven Jean-Baptiste

Steven Jean-Baptiste

Brooklyn, NY, US


Red Hook Gateway

Red Hook as it is now is just a depressing place because the area is filled with unused warehouses, only has one bus that goes through the neighborhood, and barely have any attractions that would draw people in.

The first step to solve this problem was for each members of my group to design a different building that would benefit the community.

My design was focused on bringing more people to the site by connecting to all the boroughs in New York using a combination of buses, trains, and water taxis. The gateway would also allow cruiseships to dock because the place where the current one is now would have been a prime location for one of our group member's hotel design. The Hub, in the back, was designed as a convergence point for people who are coming for shopping, sightseeing, or simply passing to time until their transportation or cruise depart. This way it would also create a lot of jobs for the neighborhood with all the stores, restaurants, and gift shops in there.

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Status: School Project
Location: Red Hook, NY, US
My Role: Design a means to bring people to the site