Steven Jean-Baptiste

Steven Jean-Baptiste

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Seed Building

The path I wanted with this design was to do something futuristic. Whenever I think of futuristic architecture I think of something that look more organic than geometric - something that look like it's growing instead of being placed on a site.

With that idea in mind I looked into seeds and how they start growing to eventually become flowers focusing on the very early stages of this process - how they are shaped, what's inside, and how do they open.

The next step after the first few analysis and documentations, I realized that there is only three places where people would enter the building: the two opposing sides, 18th and 19th street, from 10th avenue, and the highline. Hence, I reworked the connection between the building itself and the ground creating moments where the two seamlessly embrace each other.

The base of the building would have interacting levels using landscaping designs in order to create a space where people can come sit down and hang out. The first few levels would be retail stores, while the rest of the building would be offices except the top three floors, which are designed to have a restaurant and a sky deck/observatory. As for the three underground levels, much of that space is open space and can be used for a variety of different programs, and it is certainty big enough to accommodate events like Comic Con and the likes. The building is fully ADA compliant.

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Status: School Project
Location: 131 10th Ave New York, NY 10011